Participating in a forum for civic engagement and volunteerism in Dusseldorf.

Volunteering, Donation, etc.

May, 2013

(Note: If you are considering any volunteer work overseas please stay safe, read our blog disclaimer and consider your personal decisions carefully. Also consider that volunteering with a family in tow, involves far more considerations, compromises and sacrifices, than that of a solo traveller).

Our friend Elbert is on the board of directors of Duesseldorf-aktiv. We felt it was an organisation worth mentioning and admirable in it’s concept and goals.

It is the only independent volunteering exchange for Dusseldorf and has been operating for over six years. Among it’s many activities, it helps and welcomes new citizens to Dusseldorf. It’s volunteers offer assistance, time and practical help at their own expense.

For those of us that revel in multiculturalism and believe that people from other places and cultures enrich our community, the ideas and warmth of this organisation are note-worthy. We only spent a short time in Dusseldorf but was impressed by it’s vitality, history and sense of community. We feel that Duesseldorf-active is a little-known organisation worth emulating.

Views of Dusseldorf
Views of Dusseldorf


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