Somopore Sojourn: Leap into the Lake

Day 5: Thursday April 16th 2015

Ferry crossing the lake…
Loft bed with a view 🙂

Another day in beautiful Tuk Tuk. We have enjoyed our apartment here. Not only does it have two huge king size beds, it’s own kitchen, ensuite and integrated TV area but there is also more sleeping space in a secret loft which the boys loved to climb up to. The balcony is where we ate many pleasant meals and we had a few special meals on the jetty too. We will be sad to leave this temporary home of ours – our last day here in Tuk Tuk. Everyday we are delighted by our hosts. Meeting them has been one of the highlights of our stay. It isn’t long before we feel more like long lost relatives than guests. They have built their own little paradise here and it is a privilege to share in it. This morning we decide to head next store to the more luxurious Toba bakery. Rather than sit in the more formal restaurant we enjoy lounging in a gazebo in the garden. It is fun to explore all the knik knacks and corners of this lovely resort. The boys go on long explorations, suddenly appearing out of hedges nearby.

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We set off on another walk but Prunella, Lucas and Felix soon opt for home and a lazy day. Graham and Reuben (our keenest treker) set off today on a longer hour’s walk to Ambarita. Here they see the famous stone chairs where ancient village elders held council. Once it was a place of judgement and execution. The victim was held beneath one of the nearby houses. If found guilty he would be taken to a stone table and beaten to death then beheaded. His flesh would be cooked with buffalo meat and consumed with a drink of his blood. (Reuben had to be shielded from some of these gory details and told to play nearby as he found them disturbing).

They then toured a traditional Batak village.

With Reuben finding the trek home tough, they hailed a becak home to us. Soon we are all enjoying lunch next door, a non-traditional treat for our boys, pizza and pancakes. This resort is a low grade backpackers affair with some very basic wooden huts. Here the boys were delighted to swing in hammocks and even discover a lovely toad. Besides being in an exotic place, it is just wonderful to share this adventure together. The big moments and the small – as a family…

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Next we all take turns in the kayak. Graham and Prunella enjoyed their solo turns lost in the vast tranquility of it all.

Another magical swim, this time with the whole family; in the lakes ancient, silky waters.

We all took a turn from the diving board. Graham took the first jump. Prunella didn’t think she would touch the bottom but did not enjoy feeling her feet sink into the soft ooze, before surfacing. Of course, Felix eagerly jumped straight in standing up! (No fear in our six year old). Reuben was a tad more cautious but soon succeeded from sitting position. Lucas found it a real teary struggle to take the leap but a huge gush of satisfaction when with much support and reassurance, he finally did. We are so proud of them all. It isn’t easy for anyone to overcome fears and a true victory if you are able to.

For our final dinner here, we requested a roaring fire. Soon preparations were made for our feast on the jetty. We sat down to a traditional Rendang (which had to be ordered this morning for four hours preparation) and a chicken curry. Really, really delicious…

Traditional Indonesian Rendang. Glorious.

Together we chatter about the day, all the adventures it held and felt very blessed, as we watched our last lake Toba sunset by the open bonfire. Magic!

A roaring bonfire, on the banks of Lake Toba...
A roaring bonfire, on the banks of Lake Toba…

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