Bus ride to Medan

Sumopore Sojourn: Over Hill and Dale

Day 9: Monday April 20th, 2015


After our wet and wild adventures yesterday, we spent the first hour on chores – washing and drying out our clothes in our hotel room.

View from our hotel room.
View from our hotel room.

They would still be wet when on our departure but at least they would be clean and drip dry, such are the compromises of life on the road…

Next was a final breakfast on the hotel terrace with spectacular views of both Berastagi’s volcano’s whilst the boys frolicked in the gardens. Today was chilly but clear and as the day wore on, the sun thankfully shone through.

Tourist transport on Gundaling Hill, Berastagi
Tourist transport on Gundaling Hill, Berastagi

So it was, on our last day in Berastagi, we hailed a cab and were once again ascending Gundaling Hill, determined to finally get a good vista. We saw but by-passed many of the local decorated, tourist horse and carts, as we wondered through the tall pine trees. This time in sunshine. After a short walk we stopped at a tiny wooden, roadside eatery for lunch, perched precariously on the Hill’s edge. How wonderful to be sitting cross-legged on the vinyl covered floor at a low wooden table, eating delicious local food and drinking in the view. Unlike yesterday, the scene was clear and breathtaking.

When we had arrived for lunch, there was no food and no customers but soon the mother was cooking up a storm and we were making friends with her high school aged daughter and friend. Our giggly girls were soon joined by several other students and some English practice ensued. A long wait for a ride back into town but finally we caught a taxi with a huge green sound system installed. The speakers were bigger than our heads. Luckily, it was not on full blast.

At the junction, Prunella and the boys headed back to the hotel whilst Graham continued into town to find an ATM. A rest in the hotel including late check-out, then back into town to catch the tightly packed bus to Medan. Another long bus ride with some cigarette smoke and separated seats.

Uncomfortable bus to Medan
Uncomfortable bus to Medan

We were surprised to be dropped off on a busy roadside with no indication of where we were. No-one spoke English. We were disoriented and walked along dodging construction work before finally getting into another taxi. After arriving at several incorrect locations, we eventually found ourselves at the back gate of our couchsurfing host Adin’s home. We were shown in by a maid, generously placed in a large room and kindly looked after by Adin’s younger sister, whilst we awaited the arrival of our host.

We were encouraged to take a swim in their pool. The boys were super keen and Adin’s parents enjoyed watching the fun. So surreal to be swimming in the midst of a huge city.

Later, It was nice to meet our friendly host Adin and her brother, before setting out with them for a fabulous street food dinner of Satay sticks and local Medan specialities. So nice to have a warm welcome and a place to rest ones heads, in the big bustling city of Medan.

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