Winter Weg: Besty in Bologna

Week 6: Part 2: Day 38

The Bologna Chapter

18th January, 2017

Bologna - 3

Before this trip, Reuben had a best friend in school for many years named Cormac. As a result we became friends with Cormac’s lovely family including Sonia his mum. They lived near our home in Perth. Due to work and a desire for adventure, they had made the brave move from Perth to Bologna.

When we started planning this Winter Weg trip we contacted Sonia and hatched a plan to reunite these two firm friends. So it was that today our plans would come to fruition.

Sonia and Cormac had promised to research the best Gelato shop in town for us and Cormac was keen to order it for us in his newly polished Italian. (I already had my heart set on a Pistachio Gelati – quite famous in the region). We were both looking forward to that moment.

So on this bright morning Reuben and Prunella rose very early, whilst the others soundly slept and walked to the station through the moon-lite Venetian laneways.

We arrived early to the station just as the sun rose. We decided to enjoy a short breakfast in a local cafe. There I made the tourist blunder of ordering a Latte (as I would in Australia) only to find I was presented with a cup of hot milk. Let’s blame it on the fact I was half awake he he.

Soon we were boarding the train and zooming across the lagoon with a tinge of boyish excitement in the air. Following is a slideshow of our day…

As you can see, we had an amazing day and armed with the local knowledge of Sonia and Cormac, explored many of the local hidden secrets of Bologna. It was wonderful to see the boys together and be accompanied by their non-stop enthused chatter.

On the long train ride home Prunella taught Reuben the song “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin. Which he still sings often. This is one of Prunella’s firm favourites. Here it is as originally sung by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in the 1953 movie “The Caddy”. Plus it is very appropriate for singing in Italy. Luckily the other passengers seemed to be delighted by our enthusiastic serenade…

Reuben went one step further and made an original composition. He wrote his own lyrics for the “Bologna Rap” about today.

We went to Bologna
To see Cormac & Sonia
Got lost at the station
What a frustration
library exploration
Downstairs excavation
Climbed up the tower
Took nearly an hour
Ate some Gelati
It made mum quite farty
Talked about Pokemon
Reuben went on and on…
We ate lots of pasta
Energy to walk faster
Old streets were narrow
Discovered an arrow
Wispering arch
To the station we marched
Great day with Cormac & Sonia
Goodbye to Bologna

(Note: Prunella assures us the “farty” bit was purely for comic relief 😉  )

And here it is performed by the composer himself.

(Sorry about the background noise as we recorded this on the train).


Pure genius…


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