Winter Weg: The Rules of Winter Weg

The Rules of Winter Weg

world - 1


Lucas, Reuben and Prunella made this list on a long train ride whilst reflecting on some notable events on our journey thus far.

The original list was close to twenty but we voted for the top ten.

We have added some links to help reminisce. If you have read our Winter Weg adventure, you probably understand this list but if you haven’t or are left perplexed – let’s just say, “you had to be there”…

  1. Never make a pun out of context.


This is alluded to in Lucas’s blog by guest poster Keagan

2. Do not fear, the curse of Chatelleraut Train station.

Chatelleraut Train Station

3. Always have a spew bucket.

Genoa - 1

4. Beware of Parisian dog poo.

Our Paris - 1

5. Don’t mock Felix’s favourite book “The Rules of Summer.”

Felix1 - 1

6. If the only thing you possess is milk … drink it!

Florence milk - 1

7. Never leave a lone mitten in a train station.

Felix in Venice - Red glove

8. Always keep your lego mascot close.

lego - 1

9. Why use the lift, when you can use the stairs?


10. Always buy sweet, dependable, life-giving banana roti…

Roti - 1

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