Komodo Dragon Kaper: Pancakes, Pizza, Paradise

Day 8

Saturday May 20th

Real Coffee

Lux to wake up in comfy beds, well rested and have breakfast served, overlooking this view. And yes, I know all the bad jokes about “backpackers and banana pancakes” but they are really goood. So we had some every morning here, along with our choice of eggs, bread, cereal and real coffee – a whole jug full Mmmmm

Now for a swim…

Golo Hill - 2When we first set off for town, we made the mistake of setting off down hill in the wrong direction. We realised our mistake when we hit a dirt trail but not before we had a few kilometres uphill to walk back. Luckily we bumped into some local workmen who kindly offered us a free lift.

Our accomodation was about a kilometres walk from the main town of Labuan Bajo but it was a sweltering day. We soon stopped for a drink at another tourist joint and admired the view from their balcony. We even had a quick peek at their rooms, maybe for another time?


Whilst here, we heard from some friendly travellers about a restaurant that offered free pick-up/drop-off if you ordered a meal. We were intrigued and seeing that it was an Italian restaurant and the boys were craving pizza, (especially after their disappointment in Ruteng), we decided to give them a call. Soon our car arrived and we whizzed to a newly refurbished restaurant on the far side of town. Little did we know that we would fall utterly in love with this place which Felix decided had “the worlds best pizza”. With a free entree of freshly baked Crostini from their wood fired oven, served with a tomato and olive oil emulsion plus free icy water, we were already hooked. This time, we ordered “the Marco” which was one third calzone, one third ham pizza and the last third mushroom with meatballs. It was so delicious – tranquil atmosphere, modern decor with uber deluxe bathrooms –  we already knew we would be back for more.


That evening I had long hours of negotiation finding the best two day boat trip for us, to depart tomorrow plus talking to our hotel manager to change our dates. Luckily after some drama’s accessing funds, including a late night dash to a bigger bank’s ATM in the next town – all the deals were done. We slumbered, ready for an early start of THE adventure which had inspired this trip: exploring the islands of Komodo National Park and finally coming face to face with Komodo dragons.

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