Komodo Dragon Kaper: Dragon hunt

So what had begun as one young boys travel dream had become an epic adventure for him, his big brother and mum. We Bule, had travelled over 9000km with planes, motorbikes, three-wheelers, mini vans, cars, boats, buses and on foot… We had been swaddled in the kindness of strangers who turned out to be friends we had not yet met. They had offered us their kind generosity, their understanding, their local knowledge and let us share in their everyday happiness and sadness. We understood the privilege of this and were most grateful for these priceless moments amongst new friends …

In two weeks we had;  Met the gentle Lio & Ngada peoples, travelled the famous Trans-Flores Highway, seen black volcanic rocks and blue pebbles beaches, had swum with enormous Manta Rays, met an iguana, seen emerald green jungles, stood on the rim of sleeping volcano’s, swum in natural hot springs, endured late night karaoke, become minor celebrities, hiked through anaconda country to gaze at spiderweb ricefields… We had scrambled through a plane wreck, lost teeth, eaten the world’s best pizza plus floated through an archipelago, we’d slept under the stars, swam at pink beaches and seen vistas that had taken our breathes away…

We had chased the dragon and met him face to face. And so we returned home triumphant…

dragon - 1

Chasing the Dragon – by Tammy M Darby

One can only imagine
The height and peaks
That may be reached
Until the chase begins

Off dreamland you go
The smoke is offered to all
Who seek this elusive creature
Possessing desire to gaze into its eyes

Chasing the Dragon
Rare nectar for the mind
It may only be found
In the grey fog of sweetness

Within swirling curls of smoke
Carefully hidden
The dragons yoke
For once tasted
Forever will you crave the hunt

So as the rest
I chase the dragon
Through out the universe and time
My life never more be my own
Tall mountains I will climb
In my quest to ensnare the beast
Chasing the dragon




Komodo Dragon Kaper, May 2018


  1. I love the idea of a family gap year. We get so caught up on the treadmill that we forget to take time out. There is so much out there. What an experience, an education. Too many people think that life is about acquiring things when it should be about creating memories. Congratulations the lot of you!


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