Winter Wonderland: The Beginning

The Plan:
Our Winter Wonderland trip – December 2018 till February 2019

After travelling across Europe in 2016 with Prunella’s mum – our “Winter Weg” trip, we honestly thought we wouldn’t be going to chilly Europe again, not for a looong while but yet here we are in 2018 planning three months there including Christmas and new year…

So our family is evolving. Yes, the boys are growing up fast. We realise that we are moving to more customised trips with our boys, like our “Komodo Kaper” and that big family holidays like this one will become a thing of the past. Partly because our boys interests are diverging, partly because they are getting to the age where they can take over the travel planning and partly due to increasing expense.

Soon in 2019, our boys will be turning 10, 12 and 14 years old. Our second eldest will be entering high school and our youngest will be in senior primary. We are feeling a real shift away from the focus on primary school. A shift away from the small boy years towards teenage and manhood.

So this family holiday evolved due to three main factors;
1. Home Swap: An idea/opportunity Prunella had been working on for about two years
2. Snow Experiences: our Felix was dreaming of playing in snow and
3. Romance: A desire for Graham and Prunella to to re-visit Poland- after 20 years

The idea was slow travel, to really get to know Poland and meet local people, to feel we knew a place, to absorb the true culture and community. To further bond as a family and for our boys to test out more of their growing independence…

So the planning started about 9 months before departure with the first hunt for flights. Prunella found some bargain fares with Norwegian Air – the one way from Singapore to London costing under US$200 each! She, Lucas and Felix decided on an adventurous convoluted route to get there via Denpasar, Bali and Jakarta. Whilst Graham and Reuben would follow later, after Reuben enjoyed his primary school graduation ceremony. They would be going the more direct route with Scoot from Perth (transit Singapore) to Berlin. Of course we would all rendezvous at our home swap apartment in beautiful Sopot, Poland. Here we would finally meet the family who would stay in our home in Perth, for the first time.

It was exciting for sure. We were looking forward to seeing some old couchsurfing friends and making new ones.
The Sabretoothed Chickens were ready for their next adventure…

Nice to have you along. Let’s go!


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