Winter Wonderland: Pillion and Pilots

Day 5
December 8th, 2018

Mini indonesia

We woke up early to another day of adventure in East Jakarta. It is the most populous of the five administrative cities which form the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. We went for a quick walk where we saw lots of mobile food sellers selling Jamu and other tasty treats. Then stumbled home to a hearty breakfast of spaghetti and classic martabak.

East Jakarta is home to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”, a culture-based recreational area. It was originally built around 1975 after being conceived by former Indonesian first lady, Siti Hartinah, better known as Tien Suharto. Over an area of 250 acres it has miniature representations of Indonesia’s 26 provinces, some theme park rides plus an Imax threatre and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.

Spontaneously, our host Bunda, rang a friend and suddenly we were on a whirlwind dual motorbike tour of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, stopping at highlights like the giant building in the shape of a komodo dragon.

It was heart stopping at times riding pillion, winding through the tiny laneways of the area and around blind corners. Luckily we were in safe hands.

We then had the pleasure of meeting Bunda’s kind community at her local church. They welcomed us and plied us with cold drinks and snacks, whilst we chatted. It was almost the end of another adventurous day. Soon we had to say our sad goodbyes and head again for the airport for our flight to Singapore.

In-flight antics

But Instagram antics and art at the airport were not the only surprises left in store today. Whilst the boys were busy making in-flight origami creations…

…we found out we were on a very special flight. An announcement was made that this was the last qualifying training flight for our new pilot who on landing would be fully qualified. Felix and Lucas had made an origami tulip whilst on board and Felix asked if he could present it to the new pilot. So when the official announcement was made, Felix walked up the aisle and offered his heartfelt congratulations on behalf of the passengers and everyone cheered.

A surprising end to our time in Jakarta.

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