Felix’s Fun Food Reviews

Hello Blog readers;

One of the things I have enjoyed on this trip is food. Here is my Sabretoothed Chickens Units rating out of ten, for some of the food we have eaten. I will be adding to this page.

Please check back here next time you visit our blog.


Updated: 29/12/16

Thailand and Laos



Winter Weg 2016/2017



  1. You’re an adventurous eater.


  2. Paul-John · · Reply

    All your lovely, creative photographs of various dishes make us very hungry….YUM!! Well done from Uncle Paul-John and Grandma xoxo…


    1. Just, thanks for looking at my review.
      Love Felix xo.


  3. Briony · · Reply

    Hello Felix, I have very much enjoyed seeing your food photos. I especially like that you have ranked everything. Tell me, does the chocolate cake score so highly because it has a Lego mini figure in it? Or was it just so much more tasty than everything else? Oh, I have just seen that an omelette/fruit salad combination also scores highly. I can see why there.


    1. Hi Briony,

      The chocolate cake is because of both it is so highly rated.

      Thank you for checking out my page.

      There. That’s my reply. 🙂



  4. Hi Felix, I’m really proud and impressed that you have eaten so many different dishes. I shall have to try harder when you come to see me! Love Nanna


    1. Good morning Nanna. Thank-you. I like your chocolate sauce! I love you. Felix xo


  5. Hello, Bro. -Lucas

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