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Komodo Dragon Kaper: Om Swastiastu

Day 12/13 Monday May 24th & 25th Om Swastiastu = May peace be with you Tegenungan Waterfall Tegenungan waterfall is one of the most popular sites in Bali due to it’s easy accessibility, jungle setting and beauty. It is located in Tegenungan Kemenuh village, in Gianyar, a short 5 km drive from central Ubud. Of course, […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Aku sayang kamu

Day 12 Monday May 24th Aku sayang kamu = I love you A Balinese Wedding Imagine our surprise and delight when our couchsurfing hosts invited us to their friend’s house, to be guests, at a Balinese wedding. We were hugely grateful for this rare privilege. So we quickly got on our best travel gear and […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Keluarga

Day 12 Monday May 24th Balinese Home Compound We couldn’t have asked for more interesting, hospitable or knowledgeable hosts then Made and his family. Indonesians are known for their kindness, humility and acceptance of outsiders, we certainly felt welcomed by this loving family. We felt so privileged to be in a traditional Balinese home containing […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: The Hobbit

Day 11 Sunday May 23rd Lazy Daze This morning we found ourselves back in the lux comforts of our hotel, breakfast with a view and another swim. The resident cat had curled up outside our room, fast asleep. After our cruise filled komodo adventures, today was a quiet day – just what we needed. We […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Sky Dragon

Day 10 Saturday May 22nd Afloat on the Flores Sea Prunella awoke before dawn and sat as our boat rocked gently. She climbed as high as she could on the bow, till she was perched high up on the prow and lay down to admire the stars. All the others slumbered. She closed her eyes […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Here be Dragons

Day 9 Saturday May 21st – Dragon Galleries Today we visited Rinca Island and then Komodo Island before anchoring for the night in a sheltered bay. Ora The Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis), are part of the monitor lizard family and known to the locals as ora. They were first revealed in 1912 to the scientific […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Cruisin’ Komodo

Day 9 Saturday May 21st Prunella woke at 4am with the boys sound asleep. She had started packing late last night and finished the details now. She then woke the boys to get ready and deposited all the luggage in the the hotel storage except for the trip bags. We had pre-scheduled an early breakfast […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Pancakes, Pizza, Paradise

Day 8 Saturday May 20th Lux to wake up in comfy beds, well rested and have breakfast served, overlooking this view. And yes, I know all the bad jokes about “backpackers and banana pancakes” but they are really goood. So we had some every morning here, along with our choice of eggs, bread, cereal and real […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: The Lorax

Day 7 Friday May 19th continued… Often when you visit a small place, you learn its local secrets. On our departure from Ruteng not only did we pass the famous traditional markets but we directed out driver to the bazaar wreckage of a Merpati Nusantara Airlines. On Saturday May 23, 1987 it crashed into a ditch […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Ruteng Ruckus

Day 6 & 7 Thursday May 18th & Friday May 19th Hitting the Trans-Flores Highway Today goodbyes as we left the warm, now familiar home of Maya’s family to set off yet again on the trans-flores highway this time by shared car to reach the even smaller market town of Ruteng more than four hours […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Under Inerie’s Shadow

Day 5 Thursday May 17th Today is a special day as it was the day that our amazing son Reuben came into our lives 11 years ago. Now here he is boldly adventuring yet again. This time, across Flores, Indonesia with his mum and younger brother. This would be his last year of primary school, […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Worlds Ende

Day 4 Wednesday May 16th Today we depart Ende and hit the famous Trans-Flores Highway. It starts east to west, at Larantuka, passed through Ende and stops at Labuan Bajo. A total of 700km across this flower island. Some say, it is one of the worlds great road trips. Another early 4 am alarm for […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper : Navel Heart

  Day 3 Tuesday May 15th Whilst researching this trip we could not help read about one of the most famous sites of Flores – Kelimantu. An extinct volcano, known for it’s stunning vista, of three luminously coloured crater lakes. Little did we know when we awoke, that reaching it, was not meant to be… […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: You? Jamu?

Day 2 May 14th So as is the nature of budget flights, we hit Indo at around midnight. Pretty rare with us being couchsurfing addicts (we actually turned down a kind host offer), we booked a transit room – a cheap room for max 7 hour stay with free WiFi, included free airport transfers. For […]

Komodo Dragon Kaper: Wandermust

Day 1 May 13th, 2018 Here we are on the brink of another Sabretoothed Chickens adventure, this time to another part of Indonesia – The Emerald of the Equator. For the first time, it will be a little different with only three departing. Prunella and our two youngest, Reuben and Felix heading to the Lesser […]

Winter Weg: Crab Island

Week 7: Part 3: Day 45 to 48 26th – 29th January, 2017 Addio Europe In the morning our couchsurfing host Massimo kindly offered us a lift to the airport, so with the car packed we set off to the nearby cafe to buy some snacks for the plane and have our last Italian coffee […]

Winter Weg: The Rules of Winter Weg

The Rules of Winter Weg   Lucas, Reuben and Prunella made this list on a long train ride whilst reflecting on some notable events on our journey thus far. The original list was close to twenty but we voted for the top ten. We have added some links to help reminisce. If you have read […]

Winter Weg: Roamin’ Rome

Week 7: Part 2: Day 44 & 45 25th & 26th January, 2017 Back into the Heart Today our generous host Massimo, accompanied us back into the city. First stop the magnificent Circus Maximus. Here the boys ran, squealed and jumped where once Rome’s finest racing chariot’s thundered by… We ascended Rome’s southernmost hill, the […]

Winter Weg: A Return to Roma

Week 7: Part 1: Day 42 & 43 23rd & 24th January, 2017 Day 42 of our “Winter Weg” trip saw us wave good-bye to our good friends in pleasant Pesaro and hitting the rails for the last time. We reflected that we had come all the way from Copenhagen (including our train being carried […]

Winter Weg: Snowin’ Urbino

Week 6: Part 4: Day 41 21st January, 2017 One of our planned goals when visiting this region was a day trip to the hometown of the artist Raphael and the architect Donato Bramante – the remote town of Urbino. Today, with our host’s son Oliver as our local guide, the seven of us set […]

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