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So – like us – you’re passionate about travelling? You might be a backpacker, a young person dreaming about their first solo trip, a couple looking for “the romance of the road” or a family planning a budget gap year? Maybe you like to travel through reading, travel blogs, watching travel shows or are just keen to GO? Regardless of your background or your goals, we hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and this helps you somehow on your personal journey. Through learning about other cultures; opening your mind to new ideas, education, strange foods, thrills, compassion and discovery, you are embarking positively on the greatest journey…

Life’s journey.

Who are we?

In short, we think of ourselves as a friendly, open-minded, well-rounded, down to earth, Australian P1040121family that loves traveling. We are in our 40’s and have always loved to travel and backpack. This started as solo travellers, then to traveling as a couple including a fourteen month Honeymoon trip and as a growing family. We now travel with our three sons, who are born in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

We try hard to be active in our community. We have a strong sense of family. We endeavour to be dedicated to our children and each other. We try not to take life too seriously and have a sense of fun. We love to meet the locals as we feel this is one of the most important aspects of traveling! 🙂 Maybe we’ll meet you?

We also have a new blog about our home life, in Perth, Australia. Check it out – Here. Besides this epic family gap year, we have been on other family trips, also posted Here on this – our first blog.

So make yourself at home and look around…

People we enjoy?

People who know themselves or seek to know themselves. P1180690People who are not defined by those around them.

Our interests?

We have diverse interests which range from interests in travel (of course), history, board gaming, geocaching, table top gaming, family activities, politics, art, photography, English education, poetry, community development, community savings plans and micro finance.

Toes on the Mighty Mekong

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life. — John Lennon

If you would like to use information from, link to, quote or use any portion of this blog please read our disclaimer.

Who are we?

P1180631Graham was born in the UK. His family migrated to Australia when he was 9 years old. He is generally a peace maker, he has great general knowledge, an interest in global issues, is a lover of history, a devoted father and a good husband. He is a blogger, poet, writer and romantic.
He was originally a History and Politics graduate but has since entered the IT support field. He currently is a Business Analyst working for a university.


P1180887Prunella was born in Myanmar. Her family migrated to Australia when when was almost 4 years old. She is a dreamer and sometimes an agitator. She is often too truthful and can be opinionated. She loves change and the excitement of being on the road. She is a blogger, poet, dreamer, devoted mother and a caring wife.

She is an educator by trade, has completed several education degree’s and has worked as a Primary School Teacher, A Private Tutor, A Conversational English Teacher, an IELTS Invigilator and an English ESL Lecturer. Previously she has worked in a diverse range of fields from Design Drafting to the Travel Industry and Hospitality. She is a generalist. She has been a stay at home mum since the birth of our first son, Lucas.

She enjoys volunteering and has previously been a volunteer home tutor (teaching English to isolated migrants) for 12 years. She has also worked with many other community groups both in Australia and overseas. She travelled to Myanmar in 2011 to organise and run an English Summer School for disadvantaged girls, she has volunteered as a Sciguide for Scitech (a not-for-profit promoting general science in the community) and a Women’s Support Program for a charity Women’s Health Service. She is currently working casually for Befriend Inc. a NFP social enterprise that promotes diversity in the local Perth community. She hopes to foster a future career in community development for an ethical organisation.


LucasLucas is a wonderful, talkative son. A real thinker. He has a sharp mind and is a rule maker. He was born in 2005. He loves coming up with imagination games, ideas and plans, especially ideas for his two brothers to follow. He looks after everyone including his mum and dad. He has a great capacity for compassion and notes the fine details of life. He is superb.


P1180820Reuben is a cheeky, affectionate boy. Born in 2007, he is sometimes a rule breaker and often thinks outside the box. He is a doer and is not afraid to step forward. He loves to sing, to tell a good joke and is keen to try new things. He loves family time and is very determined. We are constantly amazed by him.


IMG_0629Felix is a bright and curious one. Born in 2009, he has a happy disposition, an infectious giggle and the world at his feet. He is happy to be the minor character in a game or just watch and looks up to his big brothers. He loves bugs and rocks. As he would say himself, “I’m a magic kid!”. He is charming and yes, he knows he is cute. We adore him.


P1180744Hazmat Guy is a laconic go-anywhere adventurer. He heard we were going on a trip and figured he would ditch the day job and head off into the blue yonder. He is not afraid of anything and with his trusty hazmat tool can tackle anything the world throws at him!

Look out for Hazmat guy in our blog pics. He may surprise you? …

What to know more?


  • Read this travel blog and please leave a comment
  • Contact us and have a chat: sabretoothedchickenstour@gmail.com
  • Meet up with us – on the road
  • Maybe come and visit us in Australia?
  • Invite us to your home
    (We are also members of Couchsurfing, BeWelcome, Internations, Trust roots and Hospitality Club).
  • Learn more about our life and family on our new blog:

Note: We made a personal decision to try to avoid clear, front images of our children’s faces for their personal safety and privacy.

DISCLOSURE: This is a personal blog written by the Sabretoothed Chickens. Occasionally we may be compensated to provide honest opinions on products, services and websites. If any kind of financial compensation for content has been received, the post will be clearly marked as sponsored content. If products are gifted this too will be disclosed.


  1. Hi,
    We found your card attached to our windscreen… thanks
    Your website is really nice …10 sabretooth
    How long are you staying in Luang Prabang?We orginally planned to leave today but we are not sure yet?
    Where are you staying?I am very interested in your volunteer work..
    Hope to meet you before we leave…
    Unfortunately we don’t have a working mobile phone right now…

    Take care


  2. Hi,
    I am travelling with my son (5,5 yrs) and we’ll be in India in about 2 weeks. I got your email address from another travelling family: Jenny and Stefan with Annabelle.
    If you’d like to meet in India, please contact me. Could be fun 🙂



    • Sure Claudia;
      We are currently in Varanasi and will be in mostly Rajasthan till mid Febuary. We would love to meet you if it is possible. Please contact us via our blog email or our contact form and lets make a time and place.


  3. Thank you for dropping by Malcolm’s Corner and commenting on ‘The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft’. I see from your blog that you are a very adventurous family. No wonder you find Lovecraft’s world “thrilling”.


  4. Lovely to meet you guys. Love the about us page and your great energy. Find us on fb and it will be easiest to keep up. I love pictures from the back by the way.


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