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A mountain rest

Week 39 – A Stone Star and Summer Grass

19th – 25th May 2014 A star in the west This week we slowed down considerably.  Our week started with Bogdan and Anna, our Couchsurfing hosts in the city of Alba Iulia, basking in the late spring sun that bathed western Transylvania. Alba Iulia is a gem – a huge amount of work has been […]

Week 38 – Romanian Rhapsody: 25 Fascinating Facts

12th – 18th May 2014 Romania is a fascinating country. The word derives from the Latin Rominus meaning “Citizen of Rome”. It is located on the crossroads of Eastern and Central Europe and has played a significant part in history. We have been sheltered in the warmth of it’s people, felt peace in it’s lush forests, […]


Week 37 – Danube to Dracula

5-11 May 2014 Довиждане Plovidiv… On a chilly and rainy Monday morning, our brief sojourn in Plovdiv drew to an end.  In fact the town seemed to want us to stay, as our hotel manager – a generally friendly and enthusiastic local – failed to arrive back at the hotel at the promised hour to present […]

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Week 36 – A Tale of Two Cities

April 28th – May 4th, 2014 Istanbul, Turkey As we alighted our Pegasus Air flight to be graciously met by our CS host Ibrahim, we were astonished to be back in Istanbul. It didn’t seem like 47 days since we first stepped foot into this mesmerising, cultural city and into this enthralling, historical country. Back then, we were […]

Week 35 – A Rich Slice of Anatolia

Week 35 21st – 27th April 2014 Week 35 sees us in Goreme, one of the Crown Jewels of the Turkish tourism trail.  Goreme has given itself to the trade, and, nestled in a valley of its iconic wind-form rock towers, and peppered with man-made caves, is gearing up for another season. Rockville As a […]

Week 34 – Turkish Cuisine: Top 10

14th to 20th of April, 2014 Note: This post continues the Ship’s Log from Week 33. Our travel blog this week has subheadings that are a tribute to the joy of Turkish food. The food here has been  amazing. Turkish cuisine has made our now almost six weeks in Turkey even more memorable. Here are some of […]

The V-Go at anchor

Week 33 – On The Turquoise Coast

7th – 13th April 2014 Becalmed in Fethiye – and loving it We spent the first few days of this week pleasantly becalmed in the pre-season sun of Fethiye.  Ensconced in the light and airy flat of Emre, himself a tourist yacht operator from Marmaris, we enjoyed the nearby Fethiye foreshore, wandered its wide and […]


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