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Vers l’Australie

An article in a University of the Third Age Newsletter
(U3A Margaret River Issue #8 May 08, 2020)

Backpacker philosophy


Why would you hire the Sabretoothed Chickens Team?

We are not slick professionals or advertisers. We are just an average, real family. We do not seek to make a living from promoting your brand or your products. We only write about and promote things that we care about and believe in.

Our followers know this…

If having us support your brand or product is something you are interested in please email us on for a chat.


We can write from a variety of angles to suit your needs:

  • Budget / Extreme Budget / Backpacker travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Gap Year Travel
  • Couples Travel
  • Family Travel

Our key audience consists of:

  • Family travelers
  • Backpackers
  • RTW travelers
  • Adventure travelers
  • Gap Year travelers
  • Travel bloggers


Press Trips

We are interested in participating in press trips, given that time and geography permit, that are geared towards family travelers.

Sponsored Stays

Sponsoring us to stay at your hotel, hostel, vacation rental, house boat, igloo or camp site, is a great way to get your brand in front of our readers. You can’t beat a genuine personal recommendation from trusted family bloggers like us.

Sponsored Reviews

We love travel gadgets! Who doesn’t? Want us to review your travel product or service? We’re always on the look out for the next new thing that makes travel easier, better, smarter, lighter or more enjoyable. If we feel your product or service fits with our brand, we’d be happy to try out it out and report back to our audience.

Social Media Posts

Social media shout outs are an effective way of quickly accessing our audience via our Facebook page or yours.

Keynote Speaking & Adventure Travel Training

Prunella is an experienced travel blogger and gifted communicator. She travels the world looking for adventure and shares those exciting stories and helpful tips on her blog. She loves change and the excitement of being on the road. She is a blogger, poet, dreamer, devoted mother  of three boys and a caring wife.

Experience & Qualifications

Prunella has extensive educator qualifications plus has had practical experience fundraising throughout Perth.

  • Tertiary-level teaching experience specialising in TESOL.
  • Speaking at community groups and business networking events.
  • Interviewed as a travel expert.


Prunella has extensive experience as an Educator. Combined with her effective communication skills she is able to educate small groups in a workshop environment or provide community lectures, on her experiences organizing family travel or writing a travel blog. She can provide strategic consulting services to to tourism boards and businesses.

Event/Keynote Speaking

Prunella’s presentations are full of life and her magnetic personality captivates and inspires audiences. If you are interested in having her speak at your next event please contact us at:

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